Just like any sport or talent, you need a coach to help you to be your best. 

There are too many families struggling with learning challenges today. I say families, not children, because it is the whole family that struggles when a child has a learning dysfunction. I have watched firsthand how relationships are put to the test in the face of a child struggling in school. The emotions can become so intense that we yell and fight when our true goal is to help.

I have watched it make spouses fight to almost separation. Either one parent is unwilling to admit there is a problem, or they disagree on what the problem, treatment, or solution is. They put excess pressure on each other to ‘fix it’ or they pull out of any responsibility or assistance to help.

I have watched good parents, out of extreme frustration, say things to their child they really don’t mean, only to feel awful and ashamed later. Strong loving relationships between parent and child deteriorate to hate and resentment all in the path to help the child get through school.

Kids quit trying because they can’t do what everyone else can, and they know it. They are exhausted and their self-esteem is taking a beating.

I have also watched kids totally turn it around, and that is why I do what I do.

Not all families are struggling to the degree I mention above, but I will guarantee that you or your child has experienced the emotions to some degree. I know because that is why you have come here. Parents start to search out answers when things get to a point that they can no longer be ignored or nothing else has worked.

With that being said, I welcome you, I am sorry your family is struggling, and I am excited that you are here.

Most learning disabilities are discovered through school troubles. Whether it is struggling to learn to read, the nightly homework war, or behavioral outbursts, it can drive you to the edge. A parent’s first line of defense is usually trying to work with the school. Unfortunately, this is usually a lot of miscommunication and not many results. The next line of defense for some is the doctor’s office which usually ends up in a diagnosis and possibly medication. Unfortunately, the label really doesn’t do much good, and sometimes more harm if it is used as an excuse. As for medication, I am not a fan. It is generally a very hard decision for a parent to make and it does nothing to fix the underlying problems long-term. I do not make judgement on those that have gone the medication route, but I wish to offer you a better long-term solution.

Most parents, even after years of asking for help from doctors and teachers, have never heard of Primitive Reflex and Hemisphere Integration Training. This kind of training is fascinating, logical, scientifically proven, and most importantly, shown to produce great results. The training is simple, requiring only your commitment and consistency to create permanent change for your child.

I welcome you to The Organized Mind and encourage you to try the training. This program can be a game changer for your family, take the step that can change everything for your child.



(Note- If your child is on medication, they do not need to discontinue it to start the program. Please do not discontinue your child’s medication without first discussing and getting input from your doctor. It is important for a child to adjust going off medication so please consult with your physician to ensure your child’s best experience.)