Brain Hemisphere Integration Training Program


This downloadable book was created to give you exactly what you need to help your child overcome learning struggles. It explains how poor brain hemisphere integration could be causing your child to struggle in school, academically and behaviorally. It will explain how the brain is developed through our senses, how it can become unbalanced, and how we can fix it. You are provided a Brain Hemisphere Checklist to help you to determine your child’s dominant and weak side of their brain. You are also provided the exercises you will need to help your child develop and strengthen their weak side so it can ‘catch-up’ developmentally to the dominant side of the brain. The exercise program is easy to implement with pictures of all the exercises, and a way to track your progress as your child moves through the levels.



This book is not intended for practitioners, or for professional training purposes. It is an in-home exercise training program designed for a parent to do with their child.





Disclaimer: This book(program) is not intended as medical advice to diagnose, or treat any medical condition. A physician should always be consulted for a medical diagnosis, and should always be consulted before starting any exercise or training plan with your child.