Left Brain hemisphere responsibilities and characteristics: 

  • Linear and logical thinking
  • Verbal communication
  • Small muscle control
  • Fine motor skills
  • Information processing
  • Word Reading
  • Mathematical calculation
  • Details and facts
  • Pattern recognition skills
  • Immune activation
  • High frequency sound
  • Low frequency light


Characteristics of a Left Brain deficiency:

Note: As all children are different, your child typically will not have all of the characteristics below, the list is an overview of many of the characteristics possible.

  • struggles are academic not behavioral
  • has auditory processing problems, seems to not hear well even though hearing tests normal
  • speech difficulties, stutters or did as a young child
  • difficulty tying shoes, buttoning a shirt, using utensils
  • poor or slow handwriting, difficulty with pencil grip, writes very large with uneven spacing
  • reads very slowly and laboriously, misreads or omits common small words
  • trouble pronouncing words, may struggle with spelling, often writes letters backwards
  • difficulties with basic math
  • poor analytical skills, has trouble prioritizing, has no sense of time
  • schoolwork is inconsistent, procrastinates, hates doing homework
  • frequently moody and irritable, lacks motivation
  • excessively cautious, pessimistic, or negative
  • gets embarrassed easily, very sensitive to what others think of him/her
  • poor self esteem, shy around strangers
  • constantly questions why you are doing something
  • has a bedwetting problem (past age 5)
  • loves sports and is good at them, good muscle tone
  • likes to fix things with their hands and is interested in most things mechanical
  • has good sense of balance
  • not a fussy eater, will eat just about anything
  • likes to be hugged and held
  • understands social rules, is well liked by other children and teachers
  • very visual, loves images and patterns
  • very tactile, enjoys touching and feeling objects
  • typically does not suffer from allergies


If this sounds like your child, there is a high possibility that your child would benefit greatly from a hemi-specific training program designed to only stimulates the left side of their brain. 

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