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Primitive Reflexes:

This downloadable book was created to be short and to the point. This book will briefly review Primitive Reflexes, their role, their effects on a child if retained, how to test for them, and the exercises needed to integrate them. This book will explain everything you need to make great changes in your child in 30-90 days.


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Brain Hemisphere Integration Training Program: This downloadable book will explain how brain imbalances affect academic success, social behavior, and general happiness. This book will reveal the simple strategies to correcting the imbalance so that life can become easier for your child. The Brain Hemisphere Checklist, and the H.I.T. program to correct the weak hemisphere, is provided in this book. The program is based on a 90 day commitment to specific sensory and movement exercises.


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90 Day Imprint– COMING SOON-This program will shed some light on many of the nutritional deficiencies that are contributing factors to a child’s learning and behavioral struggles. Fixing your child’s nutritional deficits is probably the most important thing you need to accomplish to make sure your child’s results, and success, are lifelong. Many resources are introduced in this program to help you find exactly what your child needs.