Right Brain hemisphere responsibilities and characteristics:

  • Creative and imaginative
  • Non-verbal communication, body language, social skills
  • Large muscle control
  • Gross motor skills
  • Interpreting information, interpreting auditory input
  • Reading comprehension
  • Math Reasoning
  • Big picture and general concepts
  • Digestion
  • Low Frequency Sound
  • High Frequency Light


Characteristics of a Right Brain deficiency:

Note: As all children are different, your child typically will not have all of the characteristics below, the list is an overview of many of the characteristics possible.

  • struggles are predominantly behavioral issues
  • clumsiness, poor coordination, odd posture, bumps into everything
  • low muscle tone, poor gross motor skills, awkward running
  • not athletically inclined, has no interest in them
  • poor eye contact, doesn’t like loud noises, poor sense of balance
  • repetitive mannerisms (spins in circles, flaps arms)
  • loves rides, swings, spinning, anything with motion
  • incessantly smells everything; doesn’t notice strong smell like burning wood
  • extremely picky eater, hates having to eat, not interested in sweets
  • spontaneous sudden outbursts that are inappropriate or overreactive; laughter, crying, anger, fear
  • worries alot, panics, suffers anxiety attacks
  • doesn’t like things touching them, their clothing, tags, jewelry
  • lacks social tact, takes everything literally, doesn’t get jokes, misses the point of a story or conversation
  • disorganized, late, hyperactive, impulsive
  • obsessive thoughts or behaviors, can get stuck in a behavior or routine
  • inability to form friendships, acts inappropriately in social situations
  • lacks empathy and feeling for others, face lacks expression
  • argues all the time and generally uncooperative
  • good reader but poor comprehension of what they have just read
  • can learn and memorize extraordinary amounts of facts on a specific subject
  • typically has lots of allergies
  • digestive and bowel problems, complains of stomach pains


If this sounds like your child, there is a high possibility that your child would benefit greatly from a hemi-specific training program designed to only stimulate the right side of their brain. 

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