Treatment Approach


Learning disabilities are our body’s way of telling us there is something wrong.

In order to overcome learning struggles, we must look at all of the pieces of the puzzle. We need to first recognize that the problem is likely rooted in our basic functioning. We must go back to the beginning and assess where the problem originates so that we can permanently correct it.

The Organized Mind program involves assessing and integrating Primitive Reflexes that are still active. Determining the weak and dominant hemispheres of the brain so we can balance them. And addressing basic nutritional elements most kids are missing.

The Organized Mind program is based on working through exercises that will eliminate the Primitive Reflex control and stimulating and strengtheningĀ only the weak hemisphere. Exercises are designed to stimulate the underdeveloped functions and are performed in a certain order. The Organized Mind program is a 12 week program that can be done one-on-one through personal coaching, or online through a video based training website. Both options create excellent results.

Nothing beats one-on-one coaching if you have access to it. This option is the most successful and consistent approach if you are dealing with a reluctant teen. By using the one-on-one coaching approach you can often eliminate the emotional tension that exists between the parent and child that is likely interfering and overshadowing the effectiveness of any training program.

For those that do not have access, the online programs are an excellent alternative. The online programs offer excellent instructional videos and/or printable materials so you can carry out the training program at home. They are very easy to follow and offer all the support and resources you may need.

The online program also includes The Organized Mind House Calls. House Calls offers the opportunity to have further support through a direct phone consultation at times of need. It is our goal to ensure you have all of the support you need throughout the program.


Please review the different programs and let us know how we can help.

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