One-on-one coaching is probably the most effective way to conquer learning struggles (if resources and location allow it). A program is developed for each child depending on their particular retained reflexes and brain dominance side. The training is done at our local facility, which is very bright, inviting, and engaging.  We take kids through a very unique, challenging and fun program that stimulates and works their balance, their vision, their strength, and all of their senses. It is always fun, with an emphasis on making their body and mind work together, left/right, top/bottom, front/back.


We work with all kids from ages 5-17. This type of coaching is especially effective if you have a reluctant teen. Quite often teens just don’t want help from a parent and are more cooperative for a coach.

We utilize many additional tools in our in-house one-on-one coaching like The Listening Program, Brain Beats metronome, QRI Cold Laser, Eye Lights, and Balgau Balance Board, to mention a few. The program is very comprehensive and usually takes 3 months involvement for the best results. (Cost depends on frequency and duration required.)


To check out our facility, make and appointment, or get started, simply contact our office at (208)890-2230. Our office is located in Eagle, Idaho, 895 East State St.

If location restricts your ability to work one-on-one with us then our Online Programs are an excellent alternative option.

We hope you will come work with us.