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A bit about me...

I  AM NOT A DOCTOR...I am a coach. As with any sport or talent, a good coach can help you achieve results faster by letting you know what works, keeping you informed of new strategies, and helping you stay motivated and disciplined.


My goal is to introduce you to information, science, and products that can help your kids to overcome their struggles but that you have probably never heard of. My job is to take the complicated information and pare it down to only the necessary and deliver it in a way that is easy to understand. I will show you what can work, and offer both encouragement and tough love...whichever is called for at the moment.

Most learning struggles are discovered just as kids are starting school, either they are struggling to read, or they are exhibiting behavioral issues. The first places parents usually seek out help or advice is with the teachers or their doctor, both usually with less than desirable or effective approaches. Teachers will do what they can to modify programs or surroundings, which is the best they can do but it does not address the issue.  Doctors are quick to prescribe a medication, which too does nothing to address the root cause. Both are band-aids and ineffective long-term solutions because neither address WHY the child is struggling.


My journey started exactly this way...I wanted to know WHY one of my kids was desperately struggling to learn to read while the other, the younger one, did not? I wanted to know WHAT the problem was...the environment, the attention, the parents were the same, so what was making the debilitating difference?


I have spent the last 6 years as a "Citizen Scientist"; definition-"an average person conducting research through other's research and knowledge to find a specific solution to their unique problem". Everything you will find on my website is not my own knowledge. I have not made up the exercises, or supplement formulas, or protocols on my own, they have all been researched and developed by doctors and scientists around the world. I have simply put them in a format that is readily available to the average person searching for this kind of help and deliver them in a way that is easy to understand and use on a daily basis. I have been fortunate enough to partner and affiliate with specialists and doctors that assist me to deliver valuable knowledge and specialized products that you would otherwise never know about. I am truly only the messenger, my goal is to bring the research to the the parents, where it can be used to help your child.

It was important to us at The Organized Mind Co. to not only inform you of the possible solutions but to also create an 'at-home program' that you could do with your child that was cost effective, and to provide the products right on our website so you did not need to try to search them out. We understood that standard treatment approaches required both office visits for training and then additional supplements or products to use at home for the best results. Often this was not financially possible so parents would have to choose making the programs less effective. Therefore our goal became to create a way to reduce the number of office visits necessary and give you a direct way to access all the specialized tools you need in a format and budget you can handle. We hope it is helpful to your child's best success.

Also...Please know our company, and this community, is a completely non-judgmental arena. The goal is to find what works and is best for your child's overall life experience...and it will be different for everyone. I am not anti-medication, I am just pro-health and believe that it is the best long-term plan. That being said, sometimes it may be necessary to use medication to get through the rough patches...that's okay, as long as we are always moving towards ultimate health by searching for the real cause and the real answers.


I welcome you, I am sincerely sorry your child is struggling, but I am excited you are here, I hope you will find the answers that you need.



(Note- If your child is on medication, they do not need to discontinue it to do any part of our program. Please never discontinue your child's medication without first discussing and getting input from your doctor. It is important for a child to adjust going off medication slowly so please consult with your physician to ensure your child's best experience.)

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