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Neurobiologix Supplements

Specialized Vitamins Designed Specifically For Your Kids


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developmental support bundleS 

Adding Specialized Supplements to your kids daily routine is probably one of the most important and impactful things you can do to help your struggling child. 

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"Within a couple of days of starting of the Neuro-Immune Stabilizer Cream we started to notice that our son was a lot calmer and not as emotional. The often aggressive behavior subsided and he was much more compliant when asked to do something. When a couples days of good times turned into a week then two weeks, we were ecstatic!"

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  • Designed and delivered in a bio-available form our kids body's can use...this is especially important for our kids with MTHFR and other genetic mutations.​

  • The supplements are all natural, designed by a doctor, and produced under the highest standards.

by Neuro-Biologix

Why Neurobiologix?

Many of our kids that struggle have genetic mutations, or malabsorption gut issues, which leaves them severely deficient in vital vitamins they need for their proper growth and development.

Neurobiologix are specialized vitamins specifically designed for our kids. Specialized vitamins are bio-available, which means they are in a form the body can use, even if the body has mutations or deficiencies. Regular vitamins can't do this for our kids.

Neurobiologix is the company that has done the best job of creating supplements specifically for our kids with all-in-one formulas and symptom specific bundles. They have taken all of the guess work out of the process and have created supplements that are easier to get our kids to take.

 Neuro-Immune Developmental Support Bundles

Choose the Specialized Bundle That Addresses Your Child's Needs Best   

Bundle #1

Neuro-Immune Stabilizer


Mito PQQ

Mito PQQ

  • Neurological Instability*

  • Growth Delay*

  • Loss of Energy

  • Poor Muscle Tone/Weakness

  • Developmental Issues

  •  Immune Weakness

Wandering Traveler

Bundle #2

Neuro-Immune Stabilizer


Full Focus +

Full Focus

  • *Improve Learning and Organization

  • Mental Focus & Concentration 

  • *Improve Visual Speed and Accuracy

  • *Support Dopamine Turnover

  • Stabilize Behavior & Mood

Bundle #3

Neuro-Immune Stabilizer


Neuro-Immune Infection Control


Infection Control

  • Hyperactivity or inattentive behavior

  • Giggly immature behavior

  • Bedwetting or accidents

  • Presence of yeast, toenail fungus, athletes foot

  • Night walking or lack of sleep

Putting your kids on specialized vitamins can be the game changer towards their healthy development. 

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