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Here are my top frequently asked questions...

Q- What are your credentials?

A- I am not a doctor, therapist, or specialist...I am a coach and a consultant. I have spent the past 6 years studying just about everything there is on Primitive Reflexes, Brain Hemisphere Integration, Sensory and Movement Protocols, and any scientific research released about genetics, vitamins, and the brain. My experience is in specific areas of personal interest that I have been trained in, and hands on work with kids as a development coach. 

Q- How does your program differ from others?

A- Probably in it's simplicity and it's cost. Most programs out there are astronomically expensive and so complicated that the family and child can not follow through...which benefits no one. We have done our very best to weed out anything unnecessary or confusing and only give you what you need. We have created the programs to have a workbook format so that you have actionable steps that are easy to follow and measure, not just research and theory. Our goal was to give a step-by-step program that was easy to use.

Q- Does this program work for everybody?

A- I have a Golden Rule that says 'There will always be an exception to the Rule'. Yes, this program should benefit anyone that does the training or takes the is a safe program. That being said, every child is different, and you should always consult with your physician regarding any physical training program or vitamin supplement you intend to use. Remember, I am not a doctor, I have never met your child or know their health background, therefore you must use your best judgement and always be watching for signs of concern and adjust accordingly. 

Q- How long will it take?

A- That depends on how consistent you are and your child's unique struggles. I like to work in 90 day rounds, and think it takes about 90 days to create a change that will show developmentally...given you are being consistent and addressing the whole child. What do I mean by that??? You can not expect positive change by integrating their reflexes, or balancing the brain, but continue to feed them food that is detrimental or insufficient, and wonder why they are still having outbursts or unable to focus in school. If you truly want to see developmental change you need to address the whole child...otherwise it is like trying to fill a bucket with never seem to make progress. This is the main reason I strongly recommend using the supplement bundle for the first 90 days of the program, it helps you fill the holes so the training is more successful and the body is truly making change.

Q- Do I need the Supplements?

A- In my opinion, Yes. They are the game changer that probably nobody has told you about before now. Our kids can't grow, develop, heal, and make the connections we want them to without the raw materials to do so. I know it may seem like a big investment but it is so worth it. The starter bundle has been put together to create the most amount of healing and replenishing in a short amount of time. We want to approach the problem with a fire hose, not a garden hose, to have the biggest impact. Also, remember not all supplements are the same so make it the Neurobiologix supplements, we know these ones have what they need. My recommendation is to make a commitment to invest in the supplements for at least the first 90 days. I know that the financial commitment of this entire program, plus 90 days of the supplement bundle, and even with 90 days of The Listening Program, is going to be 30% - 90% cheaper than other programs and offers you an amazingly complete solution that will produce results. 

Q- Does it cover the Fear Paralysis Reflex?

A- Yes. The reflexes covered are Fear Paralysis, Moro, Rooting/Sucking, Palmer, TLR, ATNR, Spinal Galant, and STNR.

Q- What if I don't see any change?

A- Be patient. Go back to the 90 day rule and ask yourself if you are being consistent and addressing the whole child. It will take some time, we are not addressing behaviors (although sometimes that is what we get focused on), we are addressing cells, neurotransmitters, gut biomes, and brain connections, it is a complex game that is going to take some time to balance out. Most importantly, be consistent, utilize the supplements, and eliminate any offenders from their diet.

Q- Does it work for...?

A- This program will benefit 80% of all kids struggling with a developmental disorder, no matter if it is Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing, or any of the others, because we are addressing the underlying root causes. By approaching development training as a 'raw materials deficiency, whole body, integrated connectivity' model we are working on making the body and brain better, not just symptoms or behaviors. I do not mean to oversimplify the uniqueness of each disorder, or each child, but I believe we need to start at the cellular level to see change in all of these disorders. That being said, there will unfortunately be a handful of children that will need more than this program can offer...a more strategic and assisted treatment plan. If this is your child I want to encourage you that there are some truly amazing doctors out there making breakthroughs everyday. We are finding out more and more about how genetics and vitamins can be the roadmap to recovery for so many of our most severe kids, so look in this direction...the answers are coming. 

Q- Can I do the Primitive Reflex Integration Program at the same time as the Brain Hemisphere Integration Program?

A- It is my suggestion to start with the Primitive Reflex Integration Program first, then after 45-60 days you can start the Brain Hemisphere Integration. It is important not to overwhelm your child, so trying to accomplish both programs at once from the start, would be too much. It is my suggestion to integrate the first 3-4 reflexes which will can usually be accomplished in the first 45 days then add the Brain Hemisphere program and some of it's exercises. I would however make sure that you start the supplements and The Listening Program from the beginning, they will improve hyperactive or resistant behaviors and assist the Primitive Reflex Integration process tremendously. 30 minute training sessions in the morning and in the evening are usually well tolerated.

Q- Do you work one-on-one with clients?

A- No. I have stopped working directly with clients and created this at-home training program in an effort to provide you with everything you should need to do the training with your child personally in your home. You can do this!

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